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On the Road Again

Truck between Alekseevka and Tetritskaro, near the village Didi Iraga (Kvemo Kartli, Georgia)

The next field work period is just ahead of us. Around the 8th of March Elke and I, we will drive to Georgia. Yes, I wrote “we will drive”. We need in a car in Georgia to be more mobile. For this reason we will drive the around 4,000 km from Marburg to Georgia. We will drive through Wien-Budapest-Belgrade-Sofia-Istanbul-Trabzon or Graz-Zagreb-Belgrade-Sofia-Istanbul-Trabzon. We do not know by now. Google writes that we would need 1 day and 16 hours for Marburg – Trabzon. I think they should work on their route planner or tell me how to drive 3,460 km in this speed. It’s about 85 km/h without stopping. We will try to do this.


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