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From September 30 to October 4 took place the biannual conference of German Anthropological Association. The topic of the conference was “Cultural Appropriation: Assimilation – Adaptation – Camouflage” and I like a lot the plenary sessions. Numerous speeches were apparently especially designed to encourage in-depth studies of the conference program while listening …

In the beginning I was suppose to present two papers but, unfortunately, both workshops took place at the same time. I spoke on Aufführungen traditioneller Ordnungen in Albanien und Georgien in the workshop “Kontakt- und Bruchzonen in Landschaften des Mittelmeerraums” (convenors: M. Schäuble and M. Zillinger). After this workshop its participants launched a new workgroup “Regionalgruppe Mittelmeerraum” (members are here e.g. Thomas Hauschild, Dieter Haller, Gisela Welz, Lale Yalçın-Heckmann, Christian Giordano etc.).

The workgroup “Sozialanthropologie Europas” also came together. Some people here thought that with the above mentioned new workgroup (Mittelmeerraum) the continuation of the workgroup would be difficult. We decided, that we will try to “relaunch” the workgroup. We first changed our workgroup name to “Regionalgruppe Europa” (what was later in the evening accepted by the general assembly of the DGV). Then Tatjana Thelen (Zürich/Halle) and I were elected as new speakers. We will try to organise a little conference next year on a topic that still has to be discussed.


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On September 26 we were back in Marburg after three extraordinary months in Georgia. We have to thank our Georgian colleagues Natia and Lavrenti for making our journey so pleasant. In the next six months we will work on our material. But we also have lectures (in German “Seminare”) to prepare for he winter term.

My French colleague Bernard Poulelaouen (he would say that he is Breton, not French …) and I, we give a seminar on “Musical anthropology in the Republic of Georgia”. Bernard is the director of the Centre du Patrimoine de la Facture Instrumentale (CPFI) in Le Mans (France). Since a couple of years he is living in Marburg and gives lectures on musical anthropology and identity, mainly on the Baltic regions and in Hungary. Because of my ongoing project in Georgia we planned to work together on traditional music in Georgia. In a two semester seminar we will give an introduction into Georgian traditional music and its contemporary relevance (first and second year students). A highlight of the seminar will be a ten days excursion of the participants to Tbilisi next April. There we will work together with the International Research Center for Traditional Polyphony of Tbilisi State Conservatory.

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