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M. Sondermann)

Kugelhaus, home of the department of ethnology in Maburg (Foto: M. Sondermann)

The research project is directed by Mark Münzel and myself. It is attached to the department of ethnology of the Institute for Comparative Cultural Research of the Philipps-University in Marburg, Germany. The small department of ethnology is located in the “Kugelhaus”, a 16th century building in the old, upper part of town. Münzel was the director of the department. Since October 2008 it is lead by Ernst Halbmayer. The department is specialized on Latin America. But we hope that our colleagues will learn from us that there is a world beyond Indians in Malokas … 😉


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First Papers published

Kinder aus dem Dorf Soti, Adscharien, 2003. Foto: E. Kamm

Our research project will start on January, 1 2009. But some articles by team members were already published in the German on-line journal Journal Ethnologie. The purpose of this journal edited by Ulrike Krasberg is to present anthropological research to a wider audience. Elke, Natia and myself wrote some introductory lines on the anthropology of Georgia.

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It started in July

July, 8 2008. The Volkswagen Foundation gave us a sign, that our research project “The Revitalisation of Traditional Law in the Republic of Georgia” might well be approved. We were all very enthusiastic about the good news. For years I was planning this research project. At the moment I did send the last version to the foundation in January 2008 I really did not expect that the application might be successful. I did not think, that my project was bad. But since 2003 I was working on different versions that I presented at various institutions, but without much success.

The foundation asked us to react adequately on the critical statements of the three anonymous referees. We send our reply in early August. The war in Georgia began on the 8th of August. Friends and colleagues called me asking about the situation in Georgia (I did not know how the situation was!) and were convinced that the project will be cancelled.

I have to excuse me, I indeed had some selfish thoughts. I hoped the crisis was stopping rapidly to not endanger the project. Only when I heard of the Georgian team member of our research project, Natia Jalabadze, that her daughter was touched by a bullet in Gori I stopped only thinking about the project. The daughter of Natia is a journalist and she was shot during a live TV presentation.

Shortly after the so-called “cease fire” the research project was approved.

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